Will your residential client network survive Christmas 2016?

In less than 3 months, Santa Claus will deliver millions of connected devices to your clients. Millions of devices that will stress and sometime lock up all residential networks in the world. Even if there is no real benefit in connection, everything that can be connected will be connected just because it can be. Every exotic, weird and toxic device that the consumer industry can produce will be connected. Every streaming and sharing services using every protocol on every ports will be used. During this last week of December 2016 the average of connected devices in a house will jump up to 50% and even more. You knew that time will come where all residential house will have more connected devices than an enterprise, and guess what… It’s time and you only have 3 months to prepare yourself or… put your helmet and your bullet proof vest on.

As a professional you have some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you anticipate this?
  • Is the network of your clients ready to handle this overload?
  • What will you answer to your clients when they’ll ask you: “Look now… You knew since the beginning that it will happen, you didn’t tell me and you didn’t get all technological measures to anticipate this. You just took my money and abandoned me like that!
As a professional you have a responsibility to clearly inform your clients of the consequences of what you install in their house, give them technical solutions and service to avoid and/or handle any problem. As everything is connected now, even the security system, it’s a professional negligence if you don’t inform your customer. Be sure they will bring you to justice if they get stuck too many time or if the security of the house is impacted because you didn’t update all Wi-Fi access point with the latest firmware to avoid hackers to steal their data.

The reality is: every job you do in home automation, audio and video distribution is a little time bomb ready to explode 5 to 10 times a year. There will always be a software update that will screw up the system, there is always an ISP modem or a TV box that will betray you and there will always be someone to connect to the network a device that shouldn’t be.

What can you do now?

  1. Add a real professional router after the ISP modem
  2. Change all switches and Wi-Fi app with professional grade ones
  3. Proceed to a certification of all network cables of the house
  4. Offer your client a maintenance contract so they feel secure and can rely on you
  5. Install a Krika so you can remotely supervise your client system.

If you are not a network expert, it is time partnership with a local IT company to help you upgrade all your actual and future client jobs. Partnership is clearly a good solution as dealing with the high level expectations of residential network is a full time job that require years of experiences and skills. Admit once for all you just can’t be an expert in everything and build a team of professional to give your clients the best user experience ever.