Step 1: Evaluation of your potential
The first week, we’ll help you with marketing to prepare email, mail campaign, and a landing page on your website with all information for your client to discover the proposition of your new Smart House Support Plan* you are preparing set up in a few weeks. We will invite them to confirm their intention of choosing a plan. This campaign must be friendly, but clearly insist on the fact that your company will not provide support anymore if your client does not chose one plan and accept your terms and conditions with prices of onsite intervention. You will be surprise by the number of clients that will subscribe because of the peace of mind a support plan can give them. Your clients will feel relieved because from now on, expectations between you and your client will be transparent.

3 weeks after the campaign has been blasted, we’ll get the number of positive feedback from your clients provided to you and allow you decide if you want to go. This evaluation is also a guarantee for you that we will not charge you anything until you decide you have enough clients to cover your $499 minimum monthly charges.

*Or what ever you want to call it

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Step 2: Homework.
- Creation of your clients in our back-office. Remember, our team has never been onsite, so in order to be as efficient as possible and to have smooth exchanges with your clients, you need to give us as much information as possible including the names of rooms in the house, the gears installed, the layout, and how everything is connected all together. If you can, take pictures of the AV rack, of all shelves where the AV system is installed, as well as the panel of remote control you programmed. We should be able to guide your client to click any button as if we installed the system ourselves. If you have special instructions or procedure you would like us to follow for certain clients, you will provide that information here.

- Installation and training of Zendesk: Zendesk is the tool we will use to communicate with you transferring you all incidents and reports. It’s a powerful tool all professionals in the world use to manage tickets, incidents, and communication with their clients.

- Management of the telephony. We will create your dedicated toll-free number and you will provide it to your clients so they can contact us 24/7. You will also change your message settings in all your mobile devices and make it clear: “For support please call our toll-free 24/7 support team.” Once the service will is live, you’ll never to answer your mobile again. Your clients will understand they’ll have a better service with the dedicated support staff rather than disturbing you while you sit on top of a ladder or you are having dinner with your family. If you have a telephone switchboard you can program it with something like “to get 24-hour support, press 3” and you’ll send them to our team.
Any of your clients that does not have a support subscription from you that reach the Krika Concierge team, will be kindly reminded that they have to subscribe to one in your plan. As per your instructions, we can navigate them throubh your website to get a subscription.

- Installation of remote supervision. If you didn’t have any remote supervision system onsite, it’s time to go to install one. We will support the most common remote supervision system, but would prefer to work with Domotz. We’ll give you special discount and free subscription if you install a Domotz box. If it’s possible, you must install IP power strip that will allow us (you and the Krika team) to be able to remotely reboot all critical devices, resolve the most common issues in a few seconds, and avoiding you having to roll the truck.

- Integration of payment portal. In case you do not already have a simple way to charge your client every month for the same amount, we will help you to integrate on your website a third-party credit card payment solution. Your clients will chose and subscribe to the plan they want on your website, they will enter their credit card info, and every month you'll get the money in your bank account. Krika concierge will not charge your client.

Step 3: We go live!

- You'll inform your clients that the service is live now and invite them to enter their credit card info to start the service.
- We will begin to charge you.